Why should Room Service of Marin be your Lunch and/or Dinner Delivery Service?

The answers are simple, and yet quite complex!

  • We have faithfully served the Marin County community with fine food and  beverages since 1989. That's over 22 years of experience in Residential and  Commercial Delivery!
  • We have the most competent and caring office staff, taking. placing @  dispatching orders with professionalism second to none.

  • The vast majority of our delivery drivers have been with us for well over a  decade, carefully checking your orders and bringing them fresh, directly from  the restaurant to your door. Our drivers are friendly, considerate and  courteous, because that is what you deserve!

  • We offer multiple pick-ups for a single delivery fee, so that everyone can  order what they want.

  • Room Service of Marin's main goal is your satisfaction. Customer Service has  been, and will always be, the primary reason for our success.

  • We are constantly seeking new restaurants that offer unique and new facets  to the overall cuisines we make available for delivery.

  • We are open for you 7 days a week, so that you can pick up the phone and  have us pick up the rest.
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